Welcome & Introductory rap point

Welcome to the Bear and Chook books rap.

In Term 4, 2009, we are rapping about the picture books, Bear and Chook and Bear and Chook by the sea, by Lisa Shanahan and Emma Quay. Teaching ideas and resources that support the Bear and Chook books rap are available on the Raps and book raps website at:


Introductory rap point

During this part of the rap, rappers send a short class message of introductionTHERE IS NO NEED TO REGISTER OR SUBSCRIBE! Just go to the bottom of this page <Ctrl>+<End> and click on Comments. You will be asked to Leave a reply… just type a user name and your email address, and then complete the spam check. Only your user name will be seen on each post. 

Tell us:

*the name of your school

*your town or city

*any information about your location or your class group that would interest other rappers

*any initial reactions to the text.

Remember, you can also respond to comments made by other groups of rappers.

Why not check out locations of other schools in this rap with Google maps or whereis?

Key dates for this rap are:

*Introductions & Task 1: Term 4 Week 2 (26 October, 2009)

*Rap point 1 & Task 2: Term 4 Week 3 (2 November, 2009)

*Rap point 2 & Task 3: Term 4 Week 4 (9 November, 2009)

*Rap point 3 & Task 4: Term 4 Week 5 (16 November, 2009)

*Rap wrap up & Task 5: Term 4 Week 6 (23 November, 2009)


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